Medication Adherence

Meds-On-Time Multi-Dose Adherence

An estimated 50 percent or more of medications for chronic conditions, such as high cholesterol and diabetes, are not taken as prescribed. Medication non-adherence can lead to worsening health conditions, hospitalizations and death.

Whatever the reason is for medication non-adherence, we have a solution for you: Medicine-On-Time.

With this free program, sticking to your medication schedule is easier than ever. Ask one of our team members how we can help you today, at no charge to patients!


The MOT Complete card can be prepared in a monthly or weekly calendar format in any day supply up to 35, color-coded by time of day, and customized to meet all patient needs.

Detachable dose cups improve adherence for busy on-the-go lifestyles. Standard and high capacity options available for simple and complex medication regimens.